Tube Rats Takeover 2023

To celebrate the completion of our second year of the Tube Rats podcast, Indy Film Library is hosting the second edition of Tube Rats Takeover. Over the next two weeks, we will celebrate some of the most entertaining filmmakers to be found on the internet, for free.

Consisting of the most enjoyable films featured on the podcast this year, you can find five of the very best films we watched on Tube Rats below. You can also find five of the most entertainingly bad films.

Also on this page, we have voting forms for you to help pick the Audience Choice Award 2023 for both our Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame categories.

And after the first week, we will also release a special episode of Tube Rats, announcing winners for the Critics’ Choice Award in both categories. In the episode, which will be the last before we place the podcast on hiatus, we will discuss all of the films listed.

The films are:

The Golden Jimmy Prize for Best Film of the Year

Souvenir Souvenir – Episode 32
Dir. Bastien Dubois

Shuttlecock – Episode 41
Dir. Tommy Gillard

Catisfaction – Episode 44
Dir. Andre Almeida

Heel – Episode 37
Dir. Maggie Levin

Ignore It – Episode 43
Dir. Sam Evenson

The Jason Overman Award for Most Enjoyable Trash-fire

ACES – Episode 33
Dir. Jordan-Paige Sudduth

Attack of the Hodag – Episode 39
Dir. Bill Rebane

Teenage Homicide – Episode 29
Dir. Savannah Treu

Lie Detector – Episode 38
Dir. Paul Emerson

She’s Different – Episode 25
Dir. Evalee Lin

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