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Tube Rats: Episode 25 – Love Rats

This one’s for all the love rats out there this Valentine’s Day. In this episode, Mr Lover-Lover himself, Jimmy inflicts three anaphrodisiac ‘love stories’ on the world – seemingly in the hope of preventing the traditional February Baby Boom this year. Whoever said romance was dead?

Warning: Two of this week’s films address themes of suicide and domestic violence. To avoid them, you can skip from 10:00 until 29:13, and from 41:09 until 1:00:00.

To avoid spoilers, you can watch all the films below before listening.

Film 1:  Valentine’s Day (Short Film) OUT NOW!! (14mins)
Dir. Nyasha Stabz Shumba

Film 2: She’s different (5mins)
Dir. Evalee Lin

Film 3: Happy Valentine’s Day (6mins)
Dir. The Neymarc Brothers

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