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Tube Rats: Episode 32 – The War is Not Over

War. Huh. Good god, ya’ll. What is it good for? 

As it turns out, it’s good at inspiring legions of amateur filmmakers to make ill-advised forays into geo-political minefields, for the sake of social media clout.

This week, Jimmy, Georgia and Jack subject themselves to three war films from around the world – tackling some grizzly and depressing topics along the way in their COMEDY PODCAST.

WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised. As you might expect, all three films tackle some topics that viewers might be disturbed by. If you want to watch them, they are linked below. 

Film 1: Breaking Point (18mins)
Dir. Ben Crossman

Film 2: I’m Going Home (8mins)
Dir. Artem Civko

Film 3: Souvenir Souvenir (15mins)
Dir. Bastien Dubois

Bonus: War Bloods – A WW2 Short Film
Bugsy Malone if it were directed by Hitler

Over the last year, Jimmy has been honing his skills as an editor on our podcast. If you like what he does, and would like him to edit your show, visit his gig-page on Fiverr.


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