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Tube Rats: Episode 39 – The Truth Is Out There

At last, the burning issue of our time is settled beyond dispute. Documentary evidence has finally proven beyond doubt, that the mothman has BUNS OF STEEL.

Yes, it’s time for cryptozoological documentary week! The Tube Rats watched a trio of ‘documentaries’ on the existence of legendary creatures from across the USA; featuring a hodag hoedown, the delicious taste of panther sweat, and the shiniest bunghole South of the Mason-Dixie line.

Want to see what we’re talking about without spoilers? You can bask in the glory of these films too, via the links below:

Film 1: Attack of the Hodag (28mins)
Dir. Bill Rebane

Film 2: The Mothman (5mins)
Dir. Taylor Hatfield

Film 3: Bearilla: The Kentucky Cryptid That Kills (45mins)
Dir. François Jaros & Sébastian Duguay

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