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Tube Rats: Episode 38 – Funny Business

History is a steadily degrading loop. What happens today is often a more severe, less classy cover-song of something that already happened. Nero fiddled while Rome burnt. Today’s less talented or imaginative business elites are doing something similar; having set the entire planet ablaze, they are making smug jokes about percentages, and workplace harassment. 

This time on Tube Rats, #girlboss Georgia tries to shunt Jimmy into a depressive episode by inflicting on him the very best engineer humour YouTube has to offer. Meanwhile, self-avowed Marxist Jack passes the time scrawling obscenities over corporate propaganda.

To listen spoiler free, you can watch all the films below… but really, why would you do that to yourself?

Film 1: The Expert Progress Meeting (3mins) 
Dir: Lauris Beinerts

Film 2: Mop (3mins)
Dir: Dominic Houghton

Film 3: Lie Detector (3mins)
Dir: Paul Emerson


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