The Team


Jack Brindelli
I have founded and run film festivals in the UK and the Netherlands, I have presented programmes in Latvia, scouted films in Transylvania, and attended some of the world’s largest film events as an industry guest in Oberhausen and Rotterdam. I know what film festivals are looking for, or what puts them off. I have also been behind and in front of the camera for several short documentaries – of varying quality – which gave me an insight into where filmmakers might be going wrong, and means I can identify what tricks of the trade they might try to improve in the future.

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Danae Papadaki
Since I was a student, I have been involved in various film festivals, whether as volunteer, jury or onsite reporter. I have worked for both Greek and American publications and have covered some of Europe’s biggest festivals (Berlinale, International Film Festival Rotterdam, International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam). I am always trying to take into consideration all the elements of a film and judge on the whole. Lastly, I have participated in a few projects as an actress.

Aftab Bose 
A writer at heart, I apply this passion to portray a variety of fields. Currently freelancing as a financial journalist in London while studying. I run a journalistic blog on the side as an outlet for social and political reporting/commentary. I have a background in international relations, so these views are not altogether uninformed. Having been a busker for many years, I can sympathise with the struggle of independent artists. This gives me a constructively critical lens when I come into contact with any piece of work, with an eye for what has been beautifully put together and a sense of what can be improved.

Tony Moore
Professional smoker. Amateur landscape artist and photographer. Main research interests: early medieval European ecclesiastical architecture and its projection of status/power; and the transition from feudalism to capitalism in Western Europe. Area of special interest in film: use of landscape/built environment. Goal: to encourage new filmmakers to kick against the pricks. My home is Norwich, UK, in the suburbia that fills the ridge to the north of the city.

John Ranson

It sounds wrong to say I gained my love of cinema from the Telegraph newspaper and that I was politically radicalised by the Metropolitan Police. But there we are – further details available on request.

A lifelong pedant, I’ve been writing and editing things since the days of print. Latterly I’ve worked in independent online media, first at The Canary and now with Phoenix Media Co-
op. I’m fortunate to live in the wonderful county of Norfolk where there’s all the wildlife, history and unpredictably entertaining football anyone could ask for.

Jimmy Rudiger
Tube Rats Co-Host
I’m an aspiring stand up comedian with a completely uninformed love of cinema. I’d like to explore independent films more, and to help make them more accessible for a wider audience. You can find me on YouTube or at your local comedy night, talking about a series of embarrassing life events. My favourite films are Jojo Rabbit, Submarine, and The Intouchables. I’d like to find more thought provoking films that toe the line between humour and tragedy.

Georgia Madison
Tube Rats Co-Host
Part time stand up comedian, full time angry feminist. Self-professed film dilettante, constantly vexing Jack and Jimmy with my neophytic take on indy cinema.

I’m an absolute amateur whose role is to view each short film through the lens of an average 20-something lefty cliché. My favourite film is Pride (2014) because it’s Welsh, LGBT, and brilliant (just like me).

Mark Coelen
Working as a financial and cultural journalist in order to eat and drink. For some time now, also working as Senior Researcher Quality Affaires (Pro Deo) at British American Tobacco (hard job to quit). Graduated in Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics at Utrecht University and LMU Munich. Also finishing a second master degree in Linguistics & Literary Studies. Mainly interested in philosophical literature and in books that include sexual intercourse or other highly depressing moments of life.

Keith Withall
I live in West Yorkshire, and I am fortunate that my local cinema is a 1914 Picture House, still in its original form and with both 35mm and digital projection. Apart from walking my dog Dylan, my favourite pastime is watching quality films in a theatrical setting; when I am able to I go along to film festivals to see both old favourites and catch new pleasures. I started out watching mainstream films, then in Film Societies discovered European art cinema and later the world film scene. I have taught film studies in colleges and adult centres; now I write about the films and the film industries that give me most pleasure.

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