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Tube Rats: Episode 43 – Dark Universe

For our 2022 Halloween Special, the Tube Rats are determined to succeed where Universal failed – doing the Monster Mash to construct their very own DARK UNIVERSE™.

Each of our esteemed panel has scoured the darkest crevices of the YouTube vault, to bring you a different tale of terror around a certain creature, spirit or entity. But which will make the cut, as our universe assembles?!

To avoid spoilers, please see each of the selected films below. Let us know which monster would make your team, and why?

Film 1, selected by Jason: THE SASQUATCH (8 mins)
Dir. Todd Jenkins

Film 2, selected by Jimmy: Ignore It (6 mins)
Dir. Sam Evenson

Film 3, selected by Jack: Turned (13 mins)
Dir. Adam Bolt

Film 4, ‘selected’ by Georgia: The Mermaid (3 mins)
Dir. Alex Magaña

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