Indy Film Library is a motion picture review service, which grew out of the need of independent filmmakers to receive feedback on their work. Founded by Chief Editor Jack Brindelli in 2019, the Amsterdam-based project quickly grew to five regular contributors, each driven by the desire to champion new creative talent, and offer the necessary advice for it to flourish.

Having worked in the industry, making movies, running film festivals, or covering them as journalists, we recognised that the vast majority of film festivals do not provide analysis of the films they reject – denying fledgling directors the opportunity to hear about where their work fell short, or how they might improve and be selected for top screening events in the future. We subsequently provide a hybrid service to artists who submit work to us; like a traditional festival, we host an annual screening selection of the very best films we receive – but unlike a traditional festival, we assess every single film we receive, publishing in-depth reviews on their contents with the aim to help creators learn from their mistakes, and strengthen their next production.

Alongside our reviews of new films, we also present a range of analysis and debate pieces focusing on established cinema, highlighting new trends and best practices to our audience of movie-makers and movie-lovers. This includes a series of interviews with top authors, directors and academics related to the film industry, and the Hollywood Hegemony segment of our site, dedicated to the examination of the social, ideological and economic themes prevalent in mainstream art.

Filmmakers looking to submit their work for review – and the chance to be selected for our festival event – can do so via FilmFreeway. Entries must provide a trailer, stills, a synopsis, screening information, and any other information they wish to be included in a film profile. Director statements are also welcomed. Upon submission of their film, the filmmaker supplies consent to Indy Film Festival to publish a review of their film, alongside their trailer. Every piece written will contain constructive notes; however as a fiercely independent platform, we make no guarantee of a positive review, and reserve the right to publish criticism the filmmaker may disagree with.

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