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Tube Rats: Episode 29 – Magical Mystery Tour

You won’t need to be Basil of Baker Street to get to the bottom of these whodunnits. If you can survive the night.

This episode’s theme of ‘mystery films’ turned out to be more of a ‘true crime’ week – as Jimmy inflicts three films on Jack and Jason that are well and truly criminal.

As always, to avoid spoilers… as much as these films can be spoilt… you can watch all three via the links below, before listening to our thoughts.

Film 1: Miscreant (10mins)
Dir. Rock Ramsey

Film 2: The Death Loop (5mins)
Dir. Habs Pk

Film 3: Teenage Homicide (13mins)
Dir. Savannah Treu

Bonus: Couch is Hungry (1min)
Dir. Habs Pk

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