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Submissions for our 2019/20 season are open via ClickForFestivals and FilmFreeway. We except submissions all year round, and select a seasonal winner for each quarter. This will see the year yield a “Best Short” and “Best Feature” for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. As well as being an award in its own right, this forms our annual short list for a “Film of the Year” award in each category, in both documentary and fiction fields, distributed once a year.

Entries to the Indy Film Library must provide a trailer, stills, synopsis and screening information, contact details, and information they wish to be included in a film profile. Director statements are also welcomed.

Upon submission of their film, the filmmaker supplies consent to Indy Film Festival to publish a review of their film, alongside their trailer, even if the review is negative. Every piece written will contain constructive notes, however we make no guarantee of a positive review, and reserve the right to publish criticism.