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Tube Rats Takeover 2022

To celebrate the first year of its podcast Tube Rats, Indy Film Library has launched a new online film event. For the next two weeks, Tube Rats Takeover will celebrate some of the most entertaining filmmakers to be found on the internet, for free.

To see which films we selected for our Critics Choice Award 2022, you can listen to the latest episode of Tube Rats here, where we discuss all of the films listed.

Meanwhile, on this page, we have voting forms for you to help pick the Audience Choice Award 2022 for both categories.

Consisting of the most enjoyable films featured on the podcast this year, you can find five of the very best films we watched on Tube Rats below. You can also find five of the most entertainingly bad films.

The Golden Jimmy Prize for Best Film of the Year

Untitled Earth Sim – Episode 21
Director: Jonathan Wilhelmson

Renters – Episode 15
Director: Kris Atkins

V – Episode 17
Director: Jimmy Dean

Good Girls Don’t Tell – Episode 4
Director: Dr Lindsey Blumell

Poo – Episode 7
Director: Nicholas Decosta

The Jason Overman Award for Most Enjoyable Trash-fire

Finding Me – Episode 8
Director: Dan Fry

The Story of Gangster – Episode 16
Director: Kundan

Postcode – Episode 16
Director: Anton Noble

The Woods (A Bigfoot Fan Film) – Episode 10
Directors: Dawson Mullins & Trace Parks

Daisy the Surfing Cow at Saunton Devon / Sandside Experiment – Episode 11
Director: Mark Brindle

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