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Tube Rats: Episode 4 – The Trees Here are in Misery

Strap on your favourite hazmat suit and join the Tube Rats as they take a deep dive into the internet’s most popular video-sewer. This week, the Rats are joined by comedian and Bray Wyatt impersonator Jason Overman, to discuss three thought-provoking documentaries from the YouTube archives.

WARNING: As we are discussing documentaries, this episode tries to tackle some difficult issues. Our first film this week deals with explicit descriptions of sexual abuse. Listeners who would like to avoid the discussion should skip ahead at 5:46, and continue listening from 30:00.

SPOILER ALERT: If you would like to watch the films before we discuss them, they can be found here:

Film 1: Good Girls Don’t Tell (39 mins)
Dir. Dr Lindsey Blumell

Film 2: Secrets of the Vatican Archives Exposed (16mins)
Dir. Jay Myers

Film 3: A Day in the Life of a Documentary Filmmaker (6mins)
Dir. William Seth Johnson

Bonus – If you would like to take a trip down YouTube’s cryptid rabbit-hole, check these ‘documentaries’ out:
Animal X – Phantom Black Dogs

Animal X Natural Mystery Unit – Texas Bigfoot


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