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Indy Film Library announces winners for 2022 Tube Rats Takeover

  • Online selection of movies sees awards distributed for the first annual showcase of the best films featured on Indy Film Library’s podcast
  • Tube Rats Takeover sees Critics’ Choice for Best Film given to Jimmy Dean’s ‘V’
  • Public vote meanwhile hands Nicholas Decosta’s ‘Poo’ Audience Choice Award

To celebrate the first year of its podcast Tube Rats, Indy Film Library has hosted a new online film event over the last month. Consisting of the most enjoyable films featured on the podcast this year, Tube Rats Takeover has highlighted some of the most entertaining filmmakers to be found, for free, on the internet.

In a special episode of Tube Rats, co-hosts Jimmy, Jack, Georgia and Jason concluded their best film of the year had been director Jimmy Dean’s vampiric social commentary V, which received the Critics’ Choice Award. They also singled out Dan Fry’s introspective one-man-show Finding Me as the Most Entertaining Disasterpiece covered on Tube Rats.

Reaching out to IFL via email, Jimmy Dean commented, “I’m really thankful for the kind words that were said on the podcast. It really means so much to us that people connect with our work… especially for a film we made a number of years ago.”

Both categories were also open to a public vote. Eventually, the Audience Choice Award for Best Film was dished out to Nicholas Decosta’s short comedy, Poo, which triumphed in the poll by a landslide. Meanwhile, viewers selected Anton Noble’s earnest crime drama Postcode as the Audience Choice for Most Enjoyably Bad Film.

“At last, the war is over,” Tube Rats Co-host Jack noted. “We have to thank all our filmmakers, because for better or worse they decided to bare their souls on the cesspit that is YouTube.

“Even though they knew they might end up the targets of meme-making gutter-snipes like us, they were brave and committed enough to their cinematic visions to release their work into the wild. And even in the cases where it hasn’t paid off, every single one of these films has brought us so much joy. It might not feel like it, but that is a victory in itself.”

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