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Tube Rats: Episode 10 – The Critics Who Killed Snake Dick and Then the Bigfoot

We’ve been threatening it for a long time, and it finally happened. This episode of Tube Rats focuses exclusively on the glorious world of creature features… or at least it would if Jason Overman had selected any films that featured real animals running amok. Instead, here are three films about people dressed in throw rugs, or with serpents with genital-like tendencies, to leave you sinking into a deep depression alongside missing link Jimmy Rudiger and bemused Bigfoot enthusiast Jack Brindelli. You have been warned.

SPOILER ALERT: As always, if you would like to watch the films before we discuss them, they can be found here:

Film 1: The Woods: A Bigfoot Fan Film (21mins)
Dir: Dawson Mullins & Trace Parks

Film 2: Burn (3mins)
Dir. Matthew Bolton

Film 3: Snake Dick (7mins)
Dir: David Mahmoudieh

Next time, join the Tube Rats for their Summer Special, featuring an assortment of surfing films. Hang ten!


  1. Ha-ha-ha..someone has no idea what they’re talking about..SnakeDick is a masterpiece and 99% of the internet agrees! LMFAO

    1. The internet ‘loved’ the teaser versions of Hobo With a Shotgun, Machete and Snakes on a Plane, and all those worked really well as 90-minute features. Hooray for crowd wisdom.

    2. Some people aren’t ready for a Snake Dick. Jimmy isn’t ready for that (snake shaped) Jelly

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