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Tube Rats: Episode 11 – Riding the Tubes

HANG TEN! We recently discovered Tube Rats is actually surfer-slang, so this week as it’s our summer special, regular rats Jack, Jimmy and ineffectual step-father Jason are watching three ‘films’ from around the world about surfing.

The movies are all available for free on YouTube, so if you want to listen along but avoid spoilers, please check them out first in the description below. And don’t forget to subscribe to Tube Rats via Spotify to be the first to hear each of our episodes!

Film 1: Empanadas For Sale (4mins)
Director: Jinna Yang

Film 2: UNNUR (19mins)
Director: Chris Burkard

Film 3: Sandside Experiment (10mins)
Director: Mark Brindle

Bonus: Daisy the Surfing Cow (23 secs)
Maniac Films

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