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Tube Rats: Episode 15 – The Ka-rat-e Kid

Before the battle of the fists, comes the battle of the mind. When you don’t know who you are, just look inside…

This time, the Tube Rats are taking on the world of martial arts short films. Jack, Jimmy and Georgia chop, kick and flip their way through action films from all around the world, featuring drunken masters, savage tenants, and sexy French monster-hunters. What more could you want?

To get through the episode spoiler-free, please watch the films before proceeding. They can be found at the links below.

Film 1: Renters (9mins)
Dir. Kris Atkins

Film 2: Night Hunt (23mins)
Dir. Gaetan Caillot

Film 3: Tales of the Drunken Fist (9mins)
Fred Nguyen Khan


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