Halloween Horror Showcase 2022

From 09:00 CET on Monday 24th of October 2022, Indy Film Library is hosting a two-week online showcase, streaming some of the best short horror films we received over the previous year.

All the films are available to view below, for free. You can find a voting form to make your selection for Audience Choice Award at the bottom of the page.

Awards for Best Score, Best Cinematography, Best Film and Best Director will also be announced at the end of our second week of screening.

WARNING: As horror films, many of the below films feature images or themes some viewers may find upsetting.

I Love Your Guts (2021)
Director: David Janove

Miasma (2022)
Director: Andreas Aicka Thomsen

Dark Room (2021)
Director: Vahid Aalam

Eat the Rich (2022)
Director: Niven Wilson

De Wissel (2022)
Director: Marie Lormeau

Under My Skin (2022)
Director: Liam Azogui

Experience the World: The Train (2022)
Director: Duro Howard Jr.

If you like what you find, Indy Film Library is currently hosting a crowd-funding campaign. If you would like to support us in our work giving feedback to filmmakers around the world, please visit our Go Fund Me page – and share it far and wide.


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