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Tube Rats: Episode 40 – Dark! Comedy?

Georgia told us she was going to find three horror films. Then she told us she had actually supplied three ‘dark comedies.’ Then it turned out that they were largely horror films after all. PICK A LANE.

This time, the Rats are reviewing two semi-comedic films and one plain old spooky short, featuring Pythonesque gallows-humour, Chekhov’s order spike, and a returning hero. Whatever genre all that fits into, it’s a pretty good one.

To avoid spoilers, please watch the films below, before listening!

Film 1: The Coldest Caller (4mins)
Dir. Joe Tucker

Film 2: Honey (5mins)
Dir. Isaac Ruth & Sarah Megyesy

Film 3: I Love Your Guts (17mins)
Dir. David Janove


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