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Indy Film Library announces sinister selection of horror shorts for 2022

  • Nominees for annual Indy Film Library Halloween Horror Showcase announced
  • Indy Film Library website to screen all films free of charge for two weeks
  • Films screened from 09:00 CET October 24th 2022 include Iranian psycho-drama Dark Room and grotesque animation Experience the World: The Train

Indy Film Library has announced its third annual Halloween Horror Showcase. Starting 09:00 CET on Monday 24th October 2022, the two-week exhibition of international short films shows the exceptional talents of independent artists, who are able to make audiences’ skin crawl on a budget.

Indy Film Library Editor Jack Brindelli commented, “In previous years we’ve seen a collection of films focusing on a loss of identity, and where the real horror derives from our own alienation from each other. This year, the selection plays on our understanding of place – finding ways to toy with our innermost fears, even in the places we find most familiar, secure, and mundane. The bathroom, the bedroom, the commuter-train, the drive-through. In the so-called ‘post-Covid’ era, as the global workforce is pushed back into offices where an unseen killer may still be stalking, I think it’s a theme we can all relate to.”

Films have been selected on the basis of both the imagination involved in their constructions of meanings or themes, and the technical skills exhibited by their cast and crew, in a celebration of the under-appreciated world of experimental cinema.

All the films will be available to view for free via the Indy Film Library website – before the Best Score, Best Cinematography, Best Film, and Best Director will be announced. Meanwhile, viewers will also have the opportunity to select the winner of the Audience Choice Award.

Brindelli added, “Horror remains the place where Indy Film most often gives Hollywood a run for its money. It is a genre that favours imagination, but also a less-is-more approach that levels the playing field when it comes to making scares on a budget. And without the meddling of a studio to tone things down, this means horror has become one of the most prominent art forms for addressing our fears about everyday life – and created a crucial platform for social commentary. This assortment of tales of terror is living proof of that.”

The selection is as follows:

Experience the World: The Train
Dir. Duro Howard Jr.

Dir. Andreas Aicka Thomsen

Eat the Rich
Dir. Niven Wilson

Dark Room
Dir. Vahid Aalam

I Love Your Guts
Dir. David Janove

Under My Skin
Dir. Liam Azogui

De Wissel
Dir. Marie Lormeau

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