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Indy Film Library announces selection for hybrid 2022 festival

  • Independent film festival to showcase undiscovered talent in online event and physical events 
  • April 27th-29th Indy Film Library will host international streaming event on MetaStream
  • April 30th will see first IFL cinema screening since 2020 at Amsterdam’s Filmhuis Cavia

Indy Film Library (IFL) will be hosting its third annual awards festival from the 30th of April 2022, with events taking place digitally and in cinemas.

Jack Brindelli, Founder and Chief Editor of Indy Film Library, said, “With cinemas finally open, following two long hard years in and out of lockdown, it’s great to have the chance to celebrate our amazing filmmakers in theatres again. Like in so many other aspects of life, though, we’ve realised that digital platforms also have a lot to offer – so we’re happy to present a hybridised programme this year – helping artists publicise their work, and to find new ways of introducing audiences to vibrant, brave, original content on and offline.”

Following the success of last year’s digital event, and with an international pandemic still in full swing, the decision has been made for international films from the selection to be screened online.

Taking place each evening on the 27th, 28th and 29th of April, an expanded programme of top cinematic talent will be screened via the MetaStream platform. Films selected include comedy short film People Who Pretend to Be Crows in Their Spare Time, abstract animation Shadow, and Alzheimer’s documentary When All That’s Left is Love.

Tickets for each event can be purchased via Eventbrite.

Following that, IFL is also offering the chance to see films at a physical screening, for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. On the 30th of April, Amsterdam arthouse venue Filmhuis Cavia will host a four-hour event, showcasing the finest films from the Netherlands that IFL has received in its 2021-22 season.

Films selected include Ruben Hein and Hubert Neufeld’s musical environment film Sounds of the South, Victoria Warmerdam’s bitter-sweet comedy Snorrie, and Angela Tellier and Sjaan Flikweert’s film-poem ergens thuis en de ruimte ertussen.

Tickets for the screenings can also be purchased via a separate Eventbrite event.

While a full programme and running order of films is available on the IFL website, the productions featuring at the event are spread across nominations for five categories:

Best Feature Documentary Film

The Yellow Queen (2021)
Sounds of the South (2021)         
When All That’s Left is Love (2019)

Best Feature Narrative Film

Almas Rotas (2020)
The Man In Between (2020)
Married and Loving It! (2020)

Best Experimental Film

ergens thuis en de ruimte ertussen (2021)           
Again and Again (2021)
Shadow (2021)
Brown Bread (2021)
Money: A Slap and a Stick (2020)              
Monorail (2020)
Half Full (2020)

Best Short Narrative Film

Haru (2021)
Snorrie (2021)
Wall #4 (2021)
Disconnected (2020)
People Who Pretend to Be Crows in Their Spare Time (2019)
Estilo Americano (2020)
El Viajero (2020)
Three Brothers Two (2020)

Best Short Documentary Film

Kukumbula Mbele (2020)
Os ultimos negociantes de cavalos (2021)
Ourselves in Stories (2021)
Music Lives Here (2020)
Project Antarctica (2021)
Girls Got Golds (2020)
I Closed My Eyes (2021)
Trash to Treasure (2020)

Speaking on the nominees, Brindelli added, “The filmmakers whose work has been selected for screening at this year’s Indy Film Library Awards will all have the mainstream film industry looking anxiously over its shoulder. A new generation of bright new artists is moving in on its turf!”

Indy Film Library

Based in Amsterdam, Indy Film Library is a film-criticism platform, which delivers insightful feedback to independent filmmakers. The organisation also hosts an annual gathering to celebrate the best and brightest up-and-coming talents in the industry. For more information, visit, or email


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