IFL Experimental Showcase 2023

From 09:00 CET on Monday 28th of August 2023, Indy Film Library is hosting a two-week online showcase, streaming some of the best short experimental films we have received over the previous year.

All the films are available to view here for free. Awards for Best Score, Best Cinematography, Best Film and Best Director will be announced at the end of the second week. Meanwhile, you can also vote for your favourite in the Audience Choice category – the voting form is beneath the films.

Memory Care: The Long Goodbye
Dir. Catherine Forster

Yesterday Ended Last Night
Dir. Galenus Zhou, Jia Jie Lin & Ze Cong Kuang

Dir. Angelina Fernández

Skate Scratch
Dir. Wyatt Cunningham

Isolation Terminal
Dir. Paula Romero

Dir. Yasir Assim Al A’asam

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