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‘De Lichtkinderen’ director Amelia Veldhuis and ‘De Wissel’ director Marie Lormeau on the practicalities of abstract filmmaking

During the IFL Awards event at Filmhuis Cavia, we took the opportunity to get to know some of our fabulous filmmakers better. After each screening, a Q&A session offered the chance for audiences to put questions to some of the stars and directors behind the movies.

Now, we are publishing the sessions on YouTube so viewers at home can also enjoy some of the rare insights they offered up. The second interview we are featuring is with first-time filmmaker and De Lichtkinderen director Amelia Veldhuis, and De Wissel director Marie Lormeau, shortly before she received a Special Commendation for Best Short Narrative film for her other short, Le Trajet.

Make sure to follow IFL in the coming weeks, as further videos with the directors of films like I Do MatterSilver Seeds and Women on a Roll will also be published here.

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