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Indy Film Library announces full 2023 selection ahead of hybrid film festival

  • Independent film festival to showcase filmmakers in online event and physical events
  • April 26th-28th Indy Film Library will host international streaming event
  • April 29th will see IFL return to Amsterdam’s Filmhuis Cavia with physical event

Indy Film Library (IFL) will be hosting its fourth annual awards festival from the 26th of April 2023, with events taking place digitally and in cinemas.

Jack Brindelli, Founder and Chief Editor of Indy Film Library, said, “Last year, our hybrid event proved a big hit. While it was great to return to cinemas, with a packed out theatre at Filmhuis Cavia, we still saw international audiences keen to engage with films via our digital platform. That’s why we have decided to continue our hybrid programme in 2023 – with some fantastic films being shown on both the big and small screens this April!”

As was the case last year, IFL will be showing a special showcase of Dutch-based cinema in its Amsterdam cinematic event. But in order to help a diverse range of artists publicise their work, international films from IFL’s 2023 selection will be shown online.

Taking place each evening on the 26th, 27th, and 28th of April, an expanded programme of top cinematic talent will be screened via IFL’s online theatre platform. Films selected include experimental short film Facets, fantasy drama Silt, and Native American documentary Embers of Hope.

Tickets for each event can be purchased via Eventbrite.

Following that, IFL is also offering the chance to see films at a physical screening. On the 29th of April, Amsterdam arthouse venue Filmhuis Cavia will host a four-hour event, showcasing the finest films from the Netherlands that IFL has received in its 2022-23 season.

Among the movies featured, cinema lovers will have a chance to witness breath-taking experimental, documentary and narrative films. These include Jaimey Groot’s documentary I Do Matter, charting the career of Dutch musician Judy Blank in the US; Luuk Audenaerde’s bitter-sweet relationship comedy Manic Lover; and Marie Lormeau’s family drama Le Trajet.

Tickets for the screenings can also be purchased via a separate Eventbrite event.

While a full programme and running order of films is available on the IFL website, the productions featuring at the event are spread across nominations for six categories:

Feature Narrative

Moerasdraak (2022)
Charlatan (2022)

Feature Documentary

I Do Matter (2022)
Embers of Hope (2021)
Built Lands (2022)

Short Narrative

Touch of Freedom (2022)
Le Trajet (2022)
Nimmerland (2021)
Manic Lover (2022)
Silt (2021)
Experience the World: The Train (2022)
De Wissel (2022)
Aan/Af (2022)
Text Me When You Get Home xx (2022)
Huldre (2022)
The Load (2021)

Short Documentary

Women on a Roll (2022)
The Skin on the Land (2021)
Women at War! (2022)


Facets (2022)
Rotterdam, verlaat ons niet (2021)
De Lichtkinderen (2022)
Silver Seeds (2018)
COMPLEX (2022)

Music Video

Asunder (2022)
Eternally in mi (2022)

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