Halloween Horror Showcase 2021

Starting 09:00 CET on Monday 18th of October 2021, Indy Film Library screened some of the best short horror films we have received over the last year – free of charge.

Films were selected on the basis of both their storytelling and the technical skills exhibited by their cast and crew, in a celebration of the often-under-appreciated world of independent horror cinema.

All the films were free to view via the Indy Film Library website – before the Best ActorBest ScreenplayBest Director and Best Film were announced.

The selection is as follows:

Zwart (2019)
Director: Tommie Geraedts

Les Yeux Plus Gros que le Ventre [The Eyes are Bigger than the Belly] (2020)
Director: Marie Lormeau

Fragmented (2020)
 Andre Rodrigues

Answer Your Phone (2021)
Director: Benji Wragg

After Hours (2021)
Director: Isaac Ruth

We All Scream (2021)
Directors: Chris Lofing & Travis Cluff

Important Police Shit (2020)
Director: Andrew Betzer


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