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Tube Rats Returns: Episode 2 – Welsh Dracula

Back by popular demand, Indy Film Library’s new podcast Tube Rats has returned for a second episode. The podcast will now continue on a fortnightly basis, so to be the first to hear about every new episode, make sure that you follow our shiny new Spotify account!

Now without further delay, strap on your favourite hazmat suit and join Jimmy Rudiger and Jack Brindelli as they take a deep dive into the internet’s most popular video-sewer. This week, the Rats are joined by gothic comedian Georgia Madison, and unleash four nightmarish horror films from deep within the YouTube Vault.

SPOILER ALERT: If you would like to watch the films before we discuss them, they can be found here:

Film 1: The Sky (11mins)
Director: Matt Sears

Film 2: After Hours (9mins)
Director: Isaac Ruth

Film 3: Where the Blood Lies (10 mins)
Director: Byron Q

Film 4: The Hangman (4mins)
Director: Edoardo Magliarella

For more grizzly content from Georgia, visit her Etsy page: Dead Things by G.

Meanwhile, as mentioned at the end of the show, tickets for the Indy Film Library online festival are still available here.

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