Halloween Horror Showcase 2020

For two weeks, starting 09:00 CET on Monday 19th October 2020, Indy Film Library streamed some of the best short horror films we have received over the last year.

Films have been selected on the basis of both their storytelling and the technical skills exhibited by their cast and crew, in a celebration of the often under-appreciated world of independent horror.

All the films were free to view via the Indy Film Library website – before the Best Film and Best Director in the Narrative and Experimental categories were announced. Meanwhile, viewers also had the opportunity to select the winner of the Audience Choice Award.

The selection is as follows:

The Abyss (2020) – 3 stars
Director: Will Priddis
Short Narrative (Student)

Validity (2019) – 3.5 stars
Director: Meena Ayittey
Short Narrative

Sempre Piu (2020) – 3 stars
Director: Dia Taylor
Short Narrative

The Odd (2020) – 4.5 stars
Director: Roberto Vivancos
Short Narrative

The Mind Festers First (2020) – 3.5 stars
Director: Cameron Bonham
Short Narrative

Saturation (2019) – 4 stars
Director: Perrine Liévois

The Dandelion Cortex (2020) – 4.5 stars
Director: Nico Fulton Lavachek


  1. The Dandelion Cortex is low key absolutely mentally horrifying. So very well done, all the way around!

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