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IFL announces top performers from Saturday Matinees III

In an attempt to support zero-budget filmmakers around the world, and help marginalised voices in countries where they are silenced communicate with the viewers beyond their borders, Indy Film Library launched its Saturday Matinees screening series.

Each week a new film from artists facing sanctions, economic crises and censorship has been shown exclusively on a private screening platform. At the same time, viewers were invited to rate each film out of five stars, with the film receiving the highest vote being declared the audience’s choice.

After using those votes to produce an average score for each film, Serkan Aktaş’ horror-comedy Mirrorty was found to be the best reviewed film in the season.

The full results of the vote can be seen below:

IFL Chief Editor Jack Brindelli said, “First of all, I’d like to thank all our filmmakers for helping make our third run of Saturday Matinees a success. It’s been a pleasure to share such a unique blend of international films with IFL audiences, and to help disadvantaged filmmakers connect with viewers around the world, against all the odds.

“Second, I’d like to congratulate our top performers. Mirrorty was a worthy winner – an excellent blend of genres which would not be out of place in our annual horror showcase! At the same time, while my review of C’era una volta il Covid might not have been what the filmmakers wanted to read, they will certainly be happy to hear that the audience seems to have disagreed with me – winning the film a hard-earned runner-up nod.

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