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Tube Rats: Episode 46 – Tube Rats Save Christmas

Finding new films is getting difficult. The algorithm is almost totally clogged up by “idiot explains popular movie” accounts, because that’s an easy way to get around copyright law.

Somehow, the Rats have still found three short films to stuff your stockings with this Christmas – you lucky thing, you. So, refill your eggnog, grab a seat by the fire, and let us give ourselves the cinematic equivalent of food poisoning by consuming a trio of undercooked turkeys. Happy Holidays.

You can see all the films in full below:

Film 1: Christmas in London (10mins)
Dir. Asad Panjwani

Film 2: Steven Seagal Saves Christmas (5mins)
Dir. Armin Maksumic

Film 3: The First Holiday Film Sequel Written Entirely By Bots (5mins)
Dir. Bots, I guess?

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