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Indy Film Awards announces 2022 selection of experimental shorts

  • Nominees for annual Indy Film Library Student Short Showcase announced
  • Indy Film Library website to screen all films free of charge for two weeks
  • Films screened from 09:00 CET July 25th 2022 include Iranian political short The Horse and nostalgic stop-motion animation Silver Seeds

Indy Film Library has announced its second annual Experimental Showcase. Starting 09:00 CET on Monday 25th July 2022, the two-week exhibition of international short films shows the ingenuity of independent artists, who have defied budgetary and political constraints to deliver some genuinely out-of-this-world cinema.

Indy Film Library Editor Jack Brindelli commented, “In a world where cruelty has become the norm, and we are trained to only think the worst scenario is ever possible, experimental cinema plays a vital role. It subverts our expectations. It helps us examine the absurdity of our social and political environment with fresh eyes. These six short films turn the world upside down – and that is worth its weight in gold.”

Films have been selected on the basis of both the imagination involved in their constructions of meanings or themes, and the technical skills exhibited by their cast and crew, in a celebration of the under-appreciated world of experimental cinema.

All the films will be available to view for free via the Indy Film Library website – before the Best Score, Best Cinematography, Best Film and Best Director will be announced. Meanwhile, viewers will also have the opportunity to select the winner of the Audience Choice Award.

Brindelli added, “Experimental cinema is often thought of as alienating, unfairly portrayed as the preserve of art-exhibitions and high-society snobs. However, these films show us a different side of experimental cinema – one that can be challenging, but also comforting. These movies can push you to think about your life in different ways, but also cloak you in a warm, meditative blanket. Between those two states, everyone can find something to love here.”

The selection is as follows:

Longing for a Shadow
Dir. Catherine Forster

Dir. Andreas Aicka Thomsen

Silver Seeds
Dir. Kim Collmer

The Horse
Dir. Benyamin Bahadoran

Dir. Sando Heijnen & Charlotte Bernson

Rotterdam, verlaat ons niet
Dir. Guido FG Jeurissen

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