One week until IFL Awards 2022 Online Showcase

April is flying by – and in just one week, you will be able to access a showcase of international films from the comfort of your own home!

On the evenings of the 27th, 28th and 29th of April, Indy Film Library is showing a selection of films via our MetaStream account.

For your chance to see some stunning original films you won’t find anywhere else, make sure you snap up a ticket from this online portal:  

Tickets are available for single days, or for lovers of cinema, a full three-day pass is available for all our digital events.

To wet your appetite for the upcoming feast of films, here’s what our reviews had to say about some of this year’s selection:

Almas Rotas (2020) – Drama
Wednesday April 27th 20:30

“It takes some audacity for a director to morph two of their lead characters into one combined persona, and to go on to provide the audience with alternative outcomes to a key part of the film’s plot development… This is a profound meditation on the human condition.”

Shadow (2021) – Animation
Thursday April 28th 20:00

“Andrea Zapanta Scharf is part of an exclusive, enigmatic cohort, rarely encountered in indy film: she is a filmmaker who nailed it on the first go.”

When All That’s Left is Love (2019) – Documentary
Thursday April 28th 21:30

“An unflinching insight into these final moments of a couple’s time together… It takes courage and skill to display the vulnerability of your own family in such an accomplished and affecting manner, and that deserves nothing but the highest praise.”

Ourselves in Stories (2021) – Documentary
Friday April 29th 20:00

“An affectionate, grounded and intricate portrait of independent artists, looking to put the world to rights via storytelling – this is everything that the Indy Film segment should also be.”

Brown Bread (2021) – Experimental
Friday April 29th 20:00

“A beautiful effort, in sentiment, and execution. A meditation on our fleeting time on this Earth, Felix Davidson’s animation has produced one of the most accomplished short films you will see anywhere this year.”

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