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Tube Rats: Episode 12 – Goth-ing through the motions

The glorious summer sun has gotten boring, so after our last outing to the beach, the Tube Rats find themselves milling about a grave yard in comically oversized boots, thinking about how much the world sucks. Yes, it can only be Goth Week!

This week, regular rat Jimmy Rudiger is joined by recurring pest Jason Overman, and comedian Israa Al Kaabi. Get ready for three films from YouTube’s gothic vaults, featuring grim takes on drug deals, family heirlooms and the Tooth Fairy.

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If you would like to watch the films before the discussion to avoid the spoilers, their links can be found below:

Film 1: Romance Isn’t Dead (8mins)
Dir. Dan Allen

Film 2: Milk Teeth (13mins)
Dir. Felipe Vargas

Film 3: The Shadow’s Clock (8mins)
Dir. Cristobal Olguin

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