Experimental Showcase 2021

From 09:00 CET on Monday 28th of June 2021, Indy Film Library hosted a two-week online showcase, streaming some of the best short experimental films we have received over the last year.

All the films were available for you to view here, and awards for Best Score, Best Cinematography, Best Film and Best Director were announced at the end of the second week.

Poem Reply to Sofía (2021)
Director: Sofía del Pedregal

Yellowstone (2021)
Director: Éanna Mac Cana

Monorail (2020)
Director: Shizuko Tabata

For the Women of Belarus (2021)
Director: Anandha Ray

Chopsticks (2020)
Director: J. Basil

Verzerrung [Distortion] (2021)
Director: Samuel J. Punto

Subordination: Body Image III (2020)
Director: László Gálos


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