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Tube Rats: Episode 9 – It’s a Digital Football Thing

Revise your John Barnes rap segments and break out the extremely flammable nationalist bunting, because to celebrate Euro 2020 it’s time to kick us some balls.

This week, the Gareth Barry of comedy Jimmy Voot-ee-gar, journeyman striker Jason Overman, and nagging killjoy goalkeeper Jack Brindelli talk about three short films from the wonderful…ish world of football. Hup, Tube Rats, Hup!

SPOILER ALERT: As always, if you would like to watch the films before we discuss them, they can be found here:

Film 1: Coach (14mins)
Dir. Ben Adler

Film 2: Offside (18mins)
Dir. Jimmy Dean

Film 3: Goalie (2mins)
Dir. Maarten Lemmens

Bonus: Haiti goalkeeper has a nightmare
Canada vs Haiti – 16/06/2021

Next time, the Rats will be joined by Jason Overman once more to venture into the grizzly world of creature features.

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