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Indy Film Library presents: Tube Rats

Exciting news. As you can see below, we made good on our threat promise to launch a podcast! The pilot of Tube Rats is hosted by Indy Film Library Chief Editor Jack Brindelli, and comedian Jimmy Rudiger – who you may remember for his video reviews on this site last year – and features a special guest appearance from Chewing the Popcorn host and comedian Kahn Johnson.

So, strap on your favourite hazmat suit and join the Tube Rats as they take a deep dive into the internet’s most popular video-sewer, sifting through the turds in the hope of unearthing some diamonds.

SPOILER ALERT: If you would like to watch the films before we discuss them, they can be found below:

Film 1: The Red Room (20mins)
Director: Ewan French

Film 2: Brolga (16mins)
Director: Adrian Powers

Film 3: Laniakea (6mins)
Director: Dima Taran


  1. Appreciate the time you took to watch and discuss the film, lads! Much obliged, and good luck with the show.

    – Adrian Powers

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