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Annual Indy Film Library Awards brings future of cinema to a screen near you in 2021

  • Independent film festival to showcase top undiscovered talent in online event 
  • Indy Film Library will host five-long screening event on MetaStream due to pandemic
  • Films screened between March 31st and April 4th 2021

Indy Film Library (IFL) will be hosting its second annual awards festival from the 31st of March 2020.

As the coronavirus pandemic means that cinemas in Amsterdam remain shut, IFL will be hosting its second annual event online. This means an expanded programme of top cinematic talent will be screened via the MetaStream platform, with tickets on sale via Eventbrite.

While the closure of cinemas at this time is regrettable, the IFL’s organisers hope that the move online will still be able to offer a grass-roots community experience, as well as with filmmakers and international movie academics far and wide, to craft a home for films that you won’t see anywhere else.

Jack Brindelli, Founder and Chief Editor of Indy Film Library, said, “It has been an incredibly difficult year for independent filmmakers; financially, physically and mentally. Over the last 12 months, Indy Film Library has been working hard to help artists publicise their work, and to find new ways of introducing audiences to vibrant, brave, original content amid the lockdown.

“Moving online was a challenge at first – but it is also an opportunity, as now we can connect film-lovers with new content all around the world, while the MetaStream platform’s chat function provides them with a forum to discuss and engage with the films in real-time. Coupled with the amazing films we have on show this year, that makes our 2021 festival incredibly exciting!”

While a full programme and running order of films is available on the IFL website, the productions featuring at the event are spread across nominations for five categories:

Best Feature Documentary Film

La Maison [The House] (2019)
A Dilo (2020)

Best Feature Narrative Film

Externo (2021)
Jack Fall (2020)

Best Experimental Film

Off Peak (2020) – (2020)
Home: A Meditation on Belonging (2020)
Icon (2019)
Where Am I? (2019)
Huo Zhe [Living] (2020)
FILM ME (2019)
Feminam (2017)

Best Short Narrative Film

Pathologies of Everyday Life (2020)
Silent Movie – (2020)
Les Glaçons [Ice Cubes] (2020)
Fuggirò Tanto Amore (2019)
DION – (2020)
Sola – (2020)
La Chambre aux Oiseaux [The Bird Room] (2019)
Funeral (2019)
Retina (2020)
Tesoro: The Treasure Hunt (2020)
Autumn Never Dies (2020)
A Democratic Proposal (2019)

Best Short Documentary Film

After (2017)
A Simple Haircut (2020)
Corona Lockdown Wildernis (2020)
Histórias de Lobos [Histories of Wolves] (2018)
Staying Sane (During A Global Pandemic) (2020)
The Itchen Comeback (2020)

Speaking on the nominees, Brindelli added, “At the same time as providing filmmakers with an insight into how they can improve, our goal is also to celebrate the filmmakers already triumphing against all the odds; the ones who are making films to rival and challenge cinema and society’s establishment, all on a shoe-string budget. The filmmakers whose work has been selected for screening at this year’s Indy Film Library Awards have all done something quite remarkable in that regard and the mainstream film industry should be looking anxiously over its shoulder at these bright new artists moving in on its turf!”

Indy Film Library

Based in Amsterdam, Indy Film Library is a film-criticism platform, which delivers insightful feedback to independent filmmakers. The organisation also hosts an annual gathering to celebrate the best and brightest up-and-coming talents in the industry. For more information, visit, or email


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