Two years, not out at Indy Film Library

It’s been two years since the first review went live on Indy Film Library. Since our write-up for Josh Trett’s The Black Shuck we have assessed the work of more than 140 victims from all over the world.

I think it is fitting to revisit that first article on our second anniversary, because while it might be a little rough in its form, it is still an example of our core methodology. The review didn’t just critique or praise the team behind the film on a technical or thematic basis, it sought to place The Black Shuck within wider discourses around death, disease and democracy (which seems pretty ironic sitting here in the continued pandemic).

While people often do that with mainstream cinema, it is all too rare that critics focusing on the independent film sector do the same. Often that is because either they are looking to milk filmmakers for all the traffic they can get – because let’s face it, giving everything a perfect score does make them more amenable to sharing an article – or because they writing about their mates.

I always wanted Indy Film Library to stand apart from that kind of stereotypical indy film journalism, and cautiously I’d say that we have managed to do just that. We have analysed movies of all shapes and sizes, from standard narrative shorts to multi-hour experimental marathons; and all the time we have worked hard to not only supply impartial feedback on an individual basis – but also to place these films within a broader social, cultural and ideological context.

At the same time, we have also provided a new platform for filmmakers to exhibit their work on. As well as last year’s awards screening in Amsterdam, we have also hosted two digital showcases amid the pandemic. This has proven important experience, because this year’s awards screening will need also take place online. Stay tuned for a formal announcement: our shortlist is set to be released on February 28th, along with details of how you can watch all the films as we stream them in March.

Looking further to the future, we will also be launching a new podcast. Tube Rats will launch at the end of the month, and will see myself joined by regular co-host Jimmy Rudiger, and guests from across the filmmaking, comedic and academic worlds.

Finally, Indy Film Library will also be rolling out a Join the Team section of our website. So, if you, or someone you know, is looking to get into the world of film journalism, Indy Film Library could be the place for you!

Stay safe, and keep an eye on our site in the coming weeks. This year is already looking to be an exciting time for our platform.

– JB

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