Hollywood Hegemony arrives on Indy Film Library

With a number of different writers and guest posts lined up, Hollywood Hegemony will be publishing content on Indy Film Library as of November.

First established as what was basically my personal blog in 2012, Hollywood Hegemony was a concept devoted to analysing the social and political elements of cinema. Aiming to “read between the frames to give you the bigger picture,” the blog analysed the underlying ideology of everything from Slavoj Zizek to Charlie Chaplin to the sadly infamous Minions franchise.

Following my involvement in a succession of film festivals and relocation to Amsterdam, the project went dark in early 2017. But, having lain dormant for almost three years now – and after a successful launch-year for Indy Film Library, building a bigger team of writers enabling us to cover more ground – the time seems right to revive Hollywood Hegemony.

The original, admittedly slightly ropy logo, designed on MS Paint.

First and foremost, Indy Film Library will always be about providing feedback to independent filmmakers. However, by expanding the project with content on established films and filmmakers under a revived Hollywood Hegemony label, we feel we can actually improve the service we provide to the industry’s up-and-coming artists.

Positive reviews of independent films will be nicely complimented by occasionally appearing alongside pieces on more ‘famous’ films. It will help show that our feedback for independent content has a broader industrial context, with new reviews now appearing alongside the measuring stick of mainstream cinema. At the same time, this will expose readers arriving for reviews of well-known films to the work of new directors, writers and actors.

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