Eviction (2017) – 3 stars

Director: Teddy Nygh

Writer: Alex Tenenbaum

Cast: Kayode Ewumi, Natalie Gumede, Adam Deacon

Country of origin: UK

Running time: 18 mins

Created for a good cause, nonetheless confusing, Eviction depicts a modern-day drama. The film, starring a number of award-winning young talents is, all-in-all, well-made and pleasant to watch.

The story sees James make a poor decision to let go of his only tool for work, and the resulting domino effect leads to him receiving an eviction notice. Despite its good intentions, however, the style of Teddy Nygh’s filmmaking does not leave much food for thought.

The colour transition from grey to warmer tones is too apparent and not smooth at all, hence why it was so easy to guess the happy ending. In a way, this is befitting of the story, which is truly is a contemporary fairy tale and everything that entails: a bad guy, a girl and moral.

However, the editing of the film also casts up confusion. The action becomes rather difficult to follow once Michelle, the love interest tags along. Am I watching a flashback? Is she James’ voice of consciousness? Is she even real?

Overall grade: Eviction stars

Despite its story flaws, Nygh has created a rather pleasant short film to serve a good cause. Watching Eviction definitely reminded me of the times I needed advice on housing laws and regulations. I surely wish the Dutch government had come up with a similar idea to raise awareness, as slums are, unfortunately, a common practice here.

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