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Two weeks until IFL screenings in Amsterdam and online

April is flying by – and our 2023 festival is just two weeks away. On the 29th of April, this will see our showpiece event take place in the storied theatre of Filmhuis Cavia, in Amsterdam!  

Viewers outside the Netherlands can also access a showcase of international films from the comfort of your own home! On the evenings of the 26th, 27th, and 28th of April, Indy Film Library is showing a selection of films via the private theatre page of our website.

Full-event passes are available for a discount, if you order before Monday the 17th of April. Use the code IFL23TPD when ordering to get 30% off your purchase!

Tickets are also available for single programmes, for both our physical and digital events.

For your chance to see some stunning original films you won’t find anywhere else, make sure you snap up a ticket from our online portal. Tickets for the Amsterdam event can be found here, while tickets for the online festival can be found here.  

To whet your appetite for the upcoming feast of films, here’s what our reviews had to say about some of this year’s selection:

Manic Lover (2022) – Comedy
Saturday April 29th 17:15 CET – Filmhuis Cavia, Amsterdam

Manic Lover has something for the romantics, something for the cynics, and balances both aspects extremely well. It is comedic, but still manages to be earnest, while its charming lead performance and well-thought cinematography make it a pleasure to watch.”

Le Trajet (2022) – Drama
Saturday April 29th 18:45 CET – Filmhuis Cavia, Amsterdam

“Thinking back to their childhoods, many people will remember that the moment when a great unspoken issue finally broke out, took place in a car. Marie Lormeau’s short film Le Trajet is a frank and emotionally honest depiction of one such moment, when after months of quiet resentment something finally gives and the course of a mother-daughter relationship shifts.”

I Do Matter (2022) – Documentary
Saturday April 29th 20:15 CET – Filmhuis Cavia, Amsterdam

“When Jaimey Groot was given the chance to document Judy Blank’s tour of Nashville, she was taking on a subject with a ready-made soundtrack. Blank has a sound that seems tailor-made for independent cinema – her music spans pared-down acoustic ballads to low-fi electronic anthems, foot-stamping swamp rock and everything in between, while organically weaving deeply personal stories and sweeping allegories though it all.”

Text Me When You Get Home xx (2022) – Drama
Wednesday April 26th 20:00 CET – IFL Website

“Every element enhances the whole without overly drawing attention to itself. Bauer is clearly a very capable film maker, marshalling a talented cast and crew. This is high quality stuff.”

Embers of Hope (2021) – Documentary
Thursday April 27th – IFL Website

“Delfynn T. Aldag has made one of the most powerful documentary films I have seen in a long time. By intelligently crafting an accessible medium by which the voice of the Lakota can be heard, the director has shown that it is possible to imagine a better way, for all of us, of living our lives that does not involve trashing the planet.”

Silt (2021) – Fantasy
Friday April 28th 19:00 CET – IFL Website

Silt is a film which thrives on dissonance. It works as a cautionary tale, warning against the impulse of lashing out at those around us for problems which have institutional and systemic roots. It works as a treatise on modern love, and the pressures even the most faithful, committed partnerships come up against in an unequal and atomised society. And honestly, it just works as a film about a mermaid – a modern, sweet-hearted fairy-tale about fantastical lovers.”

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