Indy Film Library Index

The best (and worst) independent films of 2019/20, as reviewed by Indy Film Library.

Call Me Intern (2019) – 5 stars
Directors: Nathalie Berger, Leo David Hyde
Feature Documentary

Korte Kuitspier [Short Calf Muscle] (2019) – 5 stars
Director: Victoria Warmerdam
Short Narrative

Disparue [Gone] (2019) – 4 stars
Director: Joan Bentosela
Short Narrative

Evidence of the Evidence (2017) – 4 stars
Director: Alexander Johnston
Short Documentary

The Black Shuck (2018) – 3.5 stars
Director: Josh Trett
Short Narrative

Eviction (2017) – 3 stars
Director: Teddy Nygh
Short Narrative

I Think She Said Her Name Was (2018) – 2.5 stars
Director: Zev Howley
Short Narrative

Blue (2017) – 2 stars
Director: Dia Taylor
Short Narrative

Nour (2019) – 2 stars
Director: Suzy Sainovski
Short Narrative

Trespass (2018) – 2 stars
Director: Jonathan Foulston
Short Narrative

La Rosa és Morta [The Rose is Dead] (2019) – 1.5 stars
Director: Daniel Giménez
Feature Narrative

The Naked Wolf (2017) – 1.5 stars
Director: Declan Cole-Flynn
Short Narrative

Amidah (2014) – 1 star
Director: Gene Bernofsky
Short Documentary

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